IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking
22-24 October 2018 – Tokyo, Japan

Welcome Message

Network technologies are making rapid progress to support new types of communications, such as URLLC (Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communication), mMTC (massive Machine Type Communication) and eMBB (enhanced Mobile BroadBand), as observed in the recent development of 5G mobile communication and IoT trends. Emerging applications such as autonomous/cooperative driving, drone surveillance, remote sensing and data analytic are causing the conventional cloud computing model to evolve towards edge computing to utilize these advanced communications. In the light of this observation, we think it even more important now to invest our efforts on investigating into the interaction between “cloud" computing and advanced “net"working. CloudNet 2018 will serve a role of getting together world's most distinguished researchers in this field to discuss the research topic in Tokyo, where a variety of applications using cloud and advanced networking are being developed for 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games held in this very city.

General Co-Chairs

Akihiro Nakao
(The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Tarik Taleb
(Aalto University, Finland)

Vice Co-Chairs

Hideki Tode
(Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Yoshikatsu Okazaki
(NTT, Japan)

About CloudNet

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking

Cloud Networking Cloud Networking has emerged as a promising direction for cost-efficient and reliable service delivery across data communication networks. The dynamic location of service facilities and the virtualization of hardware and software elements are stressing the communication network and protocols, especially when datacenters are interconnected through the Internet. Emerging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) can play significant roles by improving the dynamicity and programmability of cloud networks. Middlebox has been significantly improved the agility of cloud network deployment and management. The 7th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet 2018) can greatly promote researches in cloud network and emerging research areas. CloudNet 2018 is sponsored by IEEE Communications Society and organized in cooperation with IEICE Communications Society.

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Conference topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Cloud network and resource management
    • Data Center Network Optimization and Management
    • Reliability of Data Center Network and Architecture
    • Energy-Efficient Datacenters and Networks
    • Cloud Traffic Characterization and Measurements
    • Cloud Traffic Engineering and Control-Plane Architectures
    • Data Flow Management and Load Balancing
    • Cloud computing and cloud storage
    • Energy-Efficient Datacenters and Networks
  • Cloud network and virtualization
    • Data Center Networks
    • Virtual Ethernet Switching, Data Center Bridging
    • Green Data Centers and Cloud Networking
    • Mobile Cloud Networking
    • Virtualization of Network Equipment
    • Software-Defined Networking
    • Network Function Virtualization
    • Middleware and Middleboxes
  • Cloud network and supported services
    • Big Data Management
    • Data Analytics in Cloud
    • Network Services to support IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
    • Unified User and Machine Mobility Management
    • Content and Service Distribution in Multilocation
    • Complementing Edge Computing with Data Center Networks
  • Cloud network architecture
    • Distributed Data Center Architectures
    • Internet Routing of Cloud data
    • Intra-Cloud vs Inter-Cloud Management
    • Cloud Federation and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud network security and privacy
    • Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality in Cloud Networking
    • Cloud data provenance and data loss protection
    • Cloud storage security
    • Cloud network intrusion detection/prevention
    • Distributed firewall in cloud and DPI